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We have moved the hosting of our Club website from one internet computer server to another. If your computer/notebook/phone does not find the website, you may need to try just entering in the search bar and hit return. DO NOT LET THE SEARCH WINDOW ADD WWW. OR ANYTHING ELSE TO YOUR SEARCH REQUEST! DO NOT SELECT ANY PREVIOUSLY CACHED PRIOR LOOK UPS! AT THE TOP OF YOUR BROWSER WINDOW THE NAME IN THE URL BOX SHOULD ONLY BEGIN WITH SACVALLEYBUCKEYES.COM. Email me (webmaster link in footer) if you need help. GARY

Mark your calendars - December 4 will be the annual Holiday Party, dinner, and Silent Auction at the Rio City Café. Sign up and order your dinner here by Nov 28th. Also have other upcoming events scheduled through July 10, 2015. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Buckeye football continues to gain in the polls - now 13 in most polls.

OSUAA names Disa Banker, past President, an alumni club Best Buckeye award recipient. Congrats Disa - we all knew you deserved the award!

Just posted pictures from the kickoff party, Navy, Virginia Tech, and Kent State game watches.

We are meeting at our new game watch location - The Lodge. We had the largest crowds in years for the early game watches of the year checking out our new site. The Club officers were ecstatic to hear so many compliments about the new digs. Thank you to The Lodge management for ensuring our success!

OSU has asked the local clubs to bring their websites into conformance with newly developed University branding. This is the first page to undergo the update. We will be reviewing website content and making branding upgrades in the future. Email the webmaster if you have any comments,complaints or suggestions by using the link in the footer.

TBDBITL named best NCAA college band.

Your 2014 Board Members are looking for volunteers to help with Club committees and activities. PLEASE contact any Board Member to help.

The B1G realigned divisions in 2014 with the addition of Maryland and Rutgers.

Buy merchandise from College Traditions and mention code AL9563 to help the club build the scholarship fund!

 OSU News/Events