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Hello Sarasota Alumni Club!

I wanted to send an email to you so I can get you up to speed with what is going on with me up here in the great city of Columbus! I do apologize that there has not been an email sooner and additionally the inconsistency of my emails.

The campus is crazy every Saturday as you all know. It has really been pumped up with these consecutive wins! Ohio State has welcomed Urban and his immediate success into the Buckeye nation! To bad we cant go to a bowl game or the national tournament.

On the other hand it is finally starting to cool down and that is the sign that Wrestling season is about to get into the fun stuff!! (competition) I will be holding off with competitions this year because of the very invasive hip surgery that I am still recovering from. But I can promise that I am working harder than ever and am more hungry for the varsity spot! I cant wait to put on "The Ohio State" singlet to represent the Buckeyes!!

School has been very tough with the switch to semesters and has thrown everybody off. The professors are still teaching at the same pace as if we were on the quarter system. That pace is not easy because we have added about two classes a semester to be considered a full time student. You can see where everyone is getting annoyed, including the professors. It should be ironed out by next semester.

Finally I would like you too know that the Love I have for this great school is unmatched!! But I am sure you have your own Love for the school and similar memories around the Columbus area which has brought us together for the rest of our life times! I am glad that I chose The Ohio State University because obvious reason, but I am also very grateful for the bonds created by being a Buckeye! We all know that as a group we all bleed the same blood.. Scarlet and Grey!! And that bond we now have as a group is very special to me!! So I would like to thank the entire Alumni club because of the support I get from you!

Be safe and enjoy the rest of the football season!!


Kyle Riley-Hawkins



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