After A Two Year Hiatus: The Triumphant Return!

Saturday, Feburary 8, 2014

Happy New Year SENC Members!

Thank you to all that donated for Toys for Tots in December and 846th US Army Transportation Co. in Afghanistan. 2014 Membership Dues stay the same $20 family, $15 single due in January - Please renew your membership

2014 OSU SENC Board

*** event planner *** Nancy & Bob Trout

Upcoming OSU SENC Events

Saturday February 1, 12:00 PM


  • What: March Madness game watch
  • Details: TBA


  • What: Summer Concert session
  • Details: TBA


  • What: Buckeye Football Tailgate / Picnic
  • Details: TBA


  • What: Buckeye Football Watch
  • Details: TBA


  • What: Holiday Elegance
  • Details: TBA

Decemeber Photos

Posted: Sue Maloney