Soon enough the fall semester will be here, which means parents at OSU and other campuses across the country will be dropping off their students at college. Whether your child is following in your footsteps and heading to Stillwater this fall, or venturing to another campus besides OSU, there are some things you should keep in mind while helping your child pack for their freshman year.

1. Plastic Tubs and Crates

Anything that can serve more than one purpose is a must when packing for college. Plastic tubs and crates can be used as containers for packing and storage once at school. If you can’t hire cheap moving services, you may be the one helping to lug boxes up a flight of stairs, especially if there aren’t any elevators. With this in mind, pack larger boxes with lighter items like linens and towels, but keep heavy items confined to smaller, more manageable boxes.

2. Bedding

Make sure to check the size of the bed (many dorm rooms have twin XL beds) and pack a pillow, sheets, comforter, and a favorite blanket. Go here for more on-campus residence hall information at Oklahoma State. If it is cold where your college student is going, consider a heated blanket. It’s also a great idea to include a mattress cover for bedbug protection and a foam topper for added comfort. Pillows can also be used for additional seating.

When shopping for bedding, keep in mind that most college dorms have twin XL beds. Photo courtesy shopping for bedding, keep in mind that most college dorms have twin XL beds. Photo courtesy

3. Clothes

You will want to consider packing clothes not just for every day, but also for special occasions or job interviews. Remember to consider whether or not your college student will need attire for additional season. It may be possible for them to get the next season’s clothing when they come home for break, which is ideal if the new living arrangement has limited space.

4. School Supplies

These can be purchased on campus, but you might want to stock up at off-campus stores to get the best deal. A laptop is an important tool that your child will use to write papers and do research. They will appreciate having their own laptop to use in their room, meet others at study groups, or to bring to the local coffee shop.

5. Small Furniture Items

Smaller furniture items like lamps and additional seating will make your college student’s room more comfortable for hanging out or studying. Shelving or storage cubes can help add storage space and additional seating.

Decorating your student's dorm with additional accent items like lamps and small pieces of furniture can add a lot to the space.Decorating your student’s dorm with additional accent items like lamps and small pieces of furniture can add a lot to the space. Photo courtesy

 6. Cleaning Supplies

Hopefully you have taught your college-aged kid many important life skills, including how to clean and do their own laundry. It will become their responsibility once they are on their own. Buckets for cleaning and laundry supplies will help keep their room, bathroom, and clothing clean. A waterproof bucket or bag for shower shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair products, towels and other sundries will make trips to the bathroom easier since everything is in one place.

7. Cooking/Eating Supplies

Your college-bound kid will need some basic cooking and eating supplies. Pack a few non-breakable, BPA free and microwavable bowls, plates and cups. A can opener and cooking/eating utensils are a must have. Freezer/storage bags can be used in the kitchen and to store other smaller items in the dorm room. Include a few measuring cups, chip clips, spatulas and a water pitcher. A colander/strainer can be used to hold some of the smaller supplies.

Moving your student college can be an emotional time, and feelings of excitement, fear and sadness are all normal. Use this list to help you make preparations and a smooth transition for this academic milestone.

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