osu football

Your Guide to the Ultimate OSU Cowboys Tailgate

Football season is almost here, and that means one thing: It’s time to start thinking about the perfect tailgate. OSU not only has a stellar football team, but we’re also known for some of the wildest and best tailgate parties in the South. If you want to hang with the big (Cow)boys at OSU this […]

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t boone pickens

Alumni Spotlight: About T. Boone Pickens

With more than 200,000 living OSU alumni, there are more than just a few recognizable names that are proud to call OSU their alma mater, including Garth Brooks and James Marsden. While those two may come to mind for their pop culture fame, there is one alumnus you probably know for his wealth and generosity, […]

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Take Advantage of the Alumni Network

Professional networking is entrenched in our business culture, but perhaps one of the most overlooked networking avenues available to you is from your university.  While you are constantly encouraged to network within your industry or local community, the OSU alumni association is an incredible place to build professional relationships, meet new connections and advance your […]

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5 Alumni Benefits You Should Be Using Right Now

Whether you graduated OSU five minutes ago or 50 years ago, there are perks to being an alumnus you should be taking advantage of.  The day you picked up your diploma is certainly not the end of the benefits of OSU there are still all kinds of benefits, opportunities and discounts that are available to […]

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